Concerned Individuals

We represent individuals who are trying to stop the financial abuse of their loved ones, or who are seeking fairness in estates, trusts, and other fiduciary proceedings.

Attorneys & Fiduciaries

We represent attorneys & fiduciaries, providing litigation services for your estate, trust, or guardianship.

North Carolina Fiduciary Litigation Lawyers

FLG is a full-service litigation firm focused on fiduciary settings – estates, trusts, incompetency, guardianship, powers-of-attorney, will caveats, and partner disputes in business settings. Our office is located in Raleigh and we have cases throughout North Carolina.

We represent attorneys who are fiduciaries or counsel for fiduciaries and individuals who need to stop the financial abuse of their loved ones or who are seeking fairness in a fiduciary proceeding. We seek to discover key information and resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We look for creative solutions to conflict and to avoid protracted litigation that drains everyone involved.

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