FLG – Who We Are

The Fiduciary Litigation Group was founded in 2018 on the principles of providing effective, and practical legal counsel to individuals and companies dealing with disputes arising from a fiduciary relationship. These principles are not just ideas but are values that we work relentlessly to apply to every client we represent. To us, the practice of law is not just a form of employment, nor is it a just a way to make money. Here at the Fiduciary Litigation Group the practice of law is but an opportunity. An opportunity for us to utilize our background and skill sets to represent clients in a manner that is both valuable and practical.

While our values define who we are as attorneys, what makes us unique as a firm is our specific area of practice. There are a number of other professionals across North Carolina that practice in the area of fiduciary litigation. However, unlike those other professionals, we here at the Fiduciary Litigation Group focus solely on the litigation aspect of issues arising from and among the existence of a fiduciary relationship. For example, because such issues often arise in areas involving Trust and Estates, individuals often seek out attorneys who specialize in these particular areas. What is not commonly understood, however, is that attorneys who specialize in Trust and Estates are not always litigators but are transactionally focused. A litigator is a lawyer who helps someone take legal action and/or defend against such legal action. Conversely, a transactional attorney’s practice generally involves planning, preparing, and reviewing documents. For instance, in terms of Trust and Estates, those attorneys that research, prepare, and review the necessary documents related to either a Trust and/or an Estate would generally be considered transactional.

The subtleties between litigation and transactional law may seem to be form over substance. However, when dealing with a legal issue it is extremely important that the attorney representing you has the necessary skills and experience to understand the type of issue that is, whether the issue falls within the litigation or transactional bucket, in order to provide the requisite standard of professional representation. We as a firm decided to focus our practice solely on fiduciary litigation not only because it is what we do best with the skills we have, but it broadens the community of individuals and businesses we can support. This is a point we are so passionate about that we literally put it in our name. Our business model is unique in that we not only gain new clients through marketing but also by referrals from other firms. Our goal is to not only to make ourselves available to those individuals who decide to call us first, but also to other firms who may take a potential client’s first call, but practice in the transactional bucket rather than within the litigation realm.

There is no doubt that the legal industry, like all other service industries, is competitive. We all exist, successfully or unsuccessfully, by the quality of representation we provide our clients. Our strategy affords potential clients the benefit of receiving the best possible representation by allowing the competitive barriers between firms to be dropped, strong relationships between firms to be built, and for us as professionals to guide those in need to the individuals that can best serve them. This is true whether it is us referring a client to a transactional attorney and/or transactional attorney is referring an individual to us. It is simple, the Fiduciary Litigation Group is here to offer a litigation arm to individuals in need and to firms otherwise not suited to handle issues involving litigation or the potential for litigation. 

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